Milk foam at the push of a button

Uber good.

Designed and engineered in Germany, Ubermilk is set to revolutionise the way milk is steamed. With the simple touch of a button, this innovative machine will froth milk to the ideal temperature, where it can exhibit full sweetness and velvety smooth microfoam.

This feature allows barista’s to concentrate on perfecting espresso shots and latte art; whilst also freeing them up to engaging with their customers. Ubermilk is both reliable and hygienic, eliminating milk wastage thanks to unique automatic presets which deliver quality foamed milk, time after time.

This amazing machine features a ‘built-in’ individual controlling system; a cleaning system with journal; and delivers chilled milk on tap. Ubermilk can increase efficiency and workflow, decrease stress, and ultimately keep loyal customers happy and not standing in queues for extended periods. With its sleek deign, Ubermilk will fit right into any barista’s work station.

Why Ubermilk?

The Übermilk improves the workflow of both baristas and restaurateurs by providing them with high quality milk froth and 100% reliability.

It’s so easy

Milk frothing becomes a piece of cake: Place a pitcher, glass or mug under the spout, select a pre-defined quantity and out comes perfect milk foam.

And so convenient

Increase your output by taking the load off of your baristas.

And delicious, of course!

Perfect milk foam from the first to the last cup, no matter what drink you are serving.

Perfect and consistent milk foam ANYTIME
Infinity mode for your peak periods
Individual quantities keep food costs down
High resolution One Touch Display
Hygienic milk frothing from the first to the last cup
Simple semi-automatic cleaning